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Titel - My heartly service

Countertenor 1: Nigel Perrin Countertenor 2: Alastair Hume Tenor: Alastair Thompson Bariton 1: Anthony Holt Bariton 2: Simon Carrington Baß: Brian Kay


My heartly service to you my Lord
I recommend as I suld accord;
There is ane ox into your pleugh
So mot he go, it is right so
And he is waxed old enough
Ye say the sooth, he has not a tooth
And he no langer may be drawn
Bot he be led, I dare say well,
Bot he was never half so thrawn
Nor yet so acwart, but goeth backwart,
Now is he wak and wonder sweer,
Full sweer is he, I tak on me
Out of an house he may not stire;
Suppose ye brod him whill he die.

Yet better it war that some remeid
Were found in tyme or he be dead...
(Der Sprecher bietet einen Ersatz an und fordert die anderen Hirten auf, sich vorzustellen)
All that hes most domination
And pastorie of your common,
Before you ane and ane present
And thereto show them your intent.

Speir at them all if they will be,
Require them all if they will be
Appleasit for to mell with me
And mak me als so fast and sicker
As I wer bound ev'n with an wicker
For to deliver me be the heid;
The old ox Trip-free he be dead...
(Die Teile des Pflugs werden aufgezählt, und die Gruppe von jungen Männern - vermutlich als Ochsen aufgemacht - ziehen den Pflug herum)
Not ane of them for sic draught.
In all Scotland is there sic aught,
And if ye please this pleugh of mine
Tell me shortly into time
Or I contract and hired be
With others that desires me;
Not else but the Trititie
Conserve into Charitie.

Produzent: Martin Dalby

Arrangement: Kenneth Elliott

Zum Fest "Plough Monday", etwa 1490

Cembalo: Kenneth Elliot

History of Scottish music (1972)

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The King's music (1972)

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