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Nigel Perrin
Alastair Hume
Alastair Thompson
Anthony Holt
Simon Carrington
Brian Kay

Live at the Royal Festival Hall



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  1. La guerre (live)
    Clement Janequin, Philippe Verdelot
  2. This sweet and merry month of May (live)
    William Byrd
  3. Come, sirrah Jack, ho! (live)
    Thomas Weelkes
  4. Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone (live)
    John Farmer
  5. Contrappunto bestiale alla mente (live)
    Adriano Banchieri
  6. Valle, che de lamenti miei (live)
    Giaches de Wert
  7. Quatre petites prières de Saint François d'Assise (live)
    Francis Poulenc
  8. Lalela zulu: Ilihubo (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  9. Lalela zulu: Mambabo! (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  10. Lalela zulu: Lala mntwana (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  11. Lalela zulu: Uhambo ngesitimela (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  12. Lalela zulu: E-goli (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  13. Lalela zulu: Umdanso wasegoli (live)
    Stanley Glasser, Lewis Nkosi
  14. Ten years on (live)
    Brian Kay
  15. You're getting to be a habit with me (live)
    Harry Warren (Musik), Al Dubin (Text)
  16. In the mood (live)
    John Garland
  17. The mermaid (live)
  18. Blow away the morning dew (live)
  19. The oak and the ash (live)
  20. Romance (live)
    Joseph Horovitz, Alistair Sampson
  21. Greens (live)
  22. When pa was courtin' ma (live)
  23. Dayton Ohio - 1903 (live)
    Randy Newman
  24. Marry a woman uglier than you (live)
  25. I'm a train (live)
    Albert Hammond, Mike Hazelwood
  26. After the gold rush (live)
    Neil Young
  27. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da (live)
    John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  28. The King's Singers rag (live)
    Daryl Runswick
  29. Happy birthday to you (live)
    P. und M. Hill
  30. Widdicombe fair (live)
Produzent: John Fraser
Tonmeister: Stuart Eltham
Studio: Royal Festival Hall, London
Aufnahmedatum: 1. Mai 1978

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