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Titel - Going to towyn

Countertenor 1: David Hurley Countertenor 2: Alastair Hume Tenor: Bob Chilcott Bariton 1: Bruce Russell Bariton 2: Simon Carrington Baß: Stephen Connolly


Farmer Jones sent me a letter,
Farmer Jones, he should know better.
Would I like to be a-goin'
Off with Megan down to Towyn?

At this invitation thought I:
Should I, would I, could I, ought I?
Yes I will, cannot resist her,
Off we go (don't tell her sister).

We set off with Megan smiling,
Lovely lass, she's so beguiling.
Stopp'd at Monmouth for our supper:
Plates of meat and cakes and butter.

Bright and early in the morning
It was clear our love was dawning.
Thro' Talyllyn the pace was growing
Takin' Megan down to Towyn.

On to Towyn, ever faster
She'd like me to be her master.
Love os here, there's no resistance,
Hear the church bells in the distance.

Produzent: Simon Woods, Motohiko Nakada

Arrangement: Grayston Ives

Gitarre: Manuel Barrueco

Annie Laurie (1993)

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The King's Singers collection (2008)

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