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David Hurley
Jeremy Jackman
Alastair Hume
Bob Chilcott
Bruce Russell
Simon Carrington
Stephen Connolly

Good vibrations



[Händlerlogo] Label: RCA Victor
[Händlerlogo] Label: Catalyst
EAN: ID61471.html
[Händlerlogo] Label: RCA Victor Red Seal
ASIN: B000003F7X
[Händlerlogo] Label: RCA
Catalog No.: 60938
EAN: 0090266093823
[Händlerlogo] Label: BMG Classics
[Händlerlogo] Label: RCA
Bestell-Nr.: 6654399
  1. Good Vibrations
    Brian Wilson/Mike Love
  2. Cecilia
    Paul Simon
  3. Father to son
    Phil Collins
  4. The boxer
    Paul Simon
  5. Texas girl at the funeral of her father
    Randy Newman
  6. Seaside rendezvous
    Freddie Mercury
  7. And so it goes
    Billy Joel
  8. American Pie
    Don McLean
  9. Some folks' lives roll easy
    Paul Simon
  10. Fifty ways to leave your lover
    Paul Simon
  11. That lonesome road
    James Taylor, Don Grolnick
  12. Freddie Feel-Good
    Ray Steven
  13. M.L.K.
    Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen (U2)
Tonmeister: Gregg Jackman
Studio: SARM East and SARM West Studios, London
Aufnahmedatum: 15.-19, und 23.-30. Juni, 24.-26. September 1991
Sonic solutions post-production: Peter Mew and Paul Baily; Compiled and mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road Studios

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