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Titel - Strike it up, Tabor

Countertenor 1: Jeremy Jackman Countertenor 2: Alastair Hume Tenor: Bill Ives Bariton 1: Anthony Holt Bariton 2: Simon Carrington Baß: Brian Kay


Strike it up, Tabor,
And pipe us a favour!
Thou shalt be well paid for thy labour.
I mean to sell my shoe sole
To dance about the May pole.
I will be blithe and brisk,
Leap and skip,
Hop and trip.
Turn about
In the rout,
Until very weary joints can scarce frisk.

Lusty Dick Hopkin
Lay on with thy napkin,
The stitching cost be but a dodkin.
The Morris were half undone
Were't not for Martin of Compton.
O well said, jigging Alice!
Pretty Jill,
Stand you still!
Dapper Jack
Means to smack.
How now, fie, fie, fie! you dance false.

Produzent: John Fraser

Tabor: John Fraser

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