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Titel - Carnival of the animals: Wild asses - The jetset

Countertenor 1: Jeremy Jackman Countertenor 2: Alastair Hume Tenor: Bob Chilcott Bariton 1: Anthony Holt Bariton 2: Simon Carrington Baß: Colin Mason


Must fly
Got to be seen
Usual routine
Lunch in Bombay
Someone'll pay
Dine in L.A.
What did you say?
Must fly...

New markets in Spain
Rising again
Black markets in Moscow
Got them to kow-tow
Done a deal with the Mau-Mau
Terribly highbrow
Can't stop to pow-wow
ciao, ciao
Sorry what did you say
Must fly
Really should be there
Like to be seen
Tongati? Bugati? Singati? Just been
Must fly
Fleeting meeting
In Lahore or is it Jahore?
Explore the offshore
Those extremist régimists
Bank some cash
Are always so flush
Must dash
Must rush
Must fly.

Produzent: David Groves

Mit zusätzlicher Musik von Carl Davis und Hiawyn Oram

A la française (1987)

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