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David Hurley
Nigel Short
Bob Chilcott
Bruce Russell
Philip Lawson
Stephen Connolly

A Cappella All-Stars: The 1997 CARAs



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  1. Thank You
    Best Pop Cover Song nominee
  2. Waltz for Debby
    The Real Group
    Best Jazz Song
  3. All I want for Christmas
    The Bobs
    Best Holiday Song runner up
  4. Crazy
    Boyz Nite Out
    Best Pop Cover Song nominee
  5. Change in my life
    Best Doo-Wop/R&B Song, Best Male Vocalist
  6. Black Sheep
    The Dale Warland Singers
    Best Folk/Progressive Song nominee
  7. Human Family
    The Nylons
    Best Studio Album nominee
  8. Do Not Turn Away
    The Flirtations
    Best Folk/Progressive Song runner up
  9. I Love Your Smile
    Five Live
    Best Pop Cover Song
  10. Bionic
    Best Humorous Song runner up, Best Female Vocalist runner up
  11. Strike Up the Band
    The Gas House Gang
    Best Barbershop Song
  12. Lest We Forget
    Best Folk/Progressive Song nominee
  13. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
    Sweet Deliverance
    Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Song
  14. Mermaid
    The Tufts Amalgamates
    Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement nominee
  15. Tell My Feet
    No Place For Jennifer
    Best Folk/Progressive Song
  16. Totus tuus
    The King's Singers
    Henryk Gorecki

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