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David Hurley
Robin Tyson
Timothy Wayne-Wright
Paul Phoenix
Philip Lawson
Christopher Gabbitas
Stephen Connolly
Jonathan Howard

Reflections (Choral Essays Vol. 2)



  1. The well is deep
  2. O lovely name
  3. Morning song
  4. My spirit longs
  5. The heart's grief
  6. The candle of the Lord
  7. Breathe on me, breath of God
  8. The divine paradox
  9. Show me thy face
  10. Hear me when I pray
  11. Lord, teach us how to pray
  12. In the love of Jesus
  13. Introit
  14. The stolen child
    Eric Whitacre
  15. A thanksgiving
    Bob Chilcott
  16. Calm pastures
  17. A city prayer
  18. A desire for God
  19. Reflections I. The Christ child
  20. Reflections II. The seers
  21. Reflections III. Home to thee

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