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Titel - Calm was the air and clear the sky

Countertenor 1: David Hurley Countertenor 2: Nigel Short Tenor: Paul Phoenix Bariton 1: Philip Lawson Bariton 2: Gabriel Crouch Baß: Stephen Connolly


Calm was the air and clear the sky,
Fair Oriana passing by
Over the downs to Ida plains,
Where heaven-born sisters with their trains
Did all attend her sacred beauty,
Striving to excel in duty.
Satyrs and nymphs dancing together,
Shepherds triumphing flocking thither,
Seeing their sovereign mistress there,
That kept their flocks and them from fear,
With high-strained voice
And hearts rejoice.
Thus sang the shepherds and nymphs of Diana:
Long live fair Oriana.

The triumphs of Oriana (2002)

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