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Titel - From Virgin's womb/Rejoice, rejoice

Countertenor 1: David Hurley Countertenor 2: Robin Tyson Tenor: Paul Phoenix Bariton 1: Philip Lawson Bariton 2: Christopher Gabbitas Baß: Stephen Connolly


O sing unto this glittering glorious King;
O praise his name let every living thing;
Let heart and voice like bells of silver ring
The comfort that this day to man doth bring;
Let lute and shalm with sound of sweet delight
These joys of Christ his birth this day recite.
Rejoice, rejoice, with heart and voice,
In our escape this day rejoice.

Produzent: Adrian Peacock

Begleitung: Concordia

1605 - Treason and dischord, William Byrd and the Gunpowder Plot (2005)

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The King's Singers collection (2008)

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