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David Hurley
Timothy Wayne-Wright
Paul Phoenix
Philip Lawson
Christopher Gabbitas
Jonathan Howard

Royal rhymes and rounds



  1. Pastime with good companie
    King Henry VIII
  2. Ah, Robin, gentle Robin
    William Cornysh
  3. Blow thy horn, hunter
    William Cornysh
  4. It is to me a right great joy
    King Henry VIII
  5. Hey, trolly lolly lo
  6. Long live fair Oriana
    Ellis Gibbons
  7. The silver swan - Round
    Orlando Gibbons
  8. The silver swan
    Orlando Gibbons
  9. Fair Oriana, beauty's Queen
    John Hilton
  10. Lightly she whipped o'er the dales
    John Mundy
  11. Flow, o my tears
    John Dowland
  12. Weep, o mine eyes
    John Bennet
  13. As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending
    Thomas Weelkes
  14. The triumph of Victoria
    Sir Walter Parratt
  15. Who can dwell with greatness?
    Sir Hubert Parry
  16. To her beneath whose steadfast star
    Sir Edward Elgar
  17. Choral dances from Gloriana: Time
    Benjamin Britten
  18. Choral dances from Gloriana: Concord
    Benjamin Britten
  19. Choral dances from Gloriana: Time and concord
    Benjamin Britten
  20. Choral dances from Gloriana: Country girls
    Benjamin Britten
  21. Choral dances from Gloriana: Rustics and fishermen
    Benjamin Britten
  22. Choral dances from Gloriana: Final dance of homage
    Benjamin Britten
  23. A rough guide to the royal succession
    Paul Drayton

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