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David Hurley
Robin Tyson
Paul Phoenix
Philip Lawson
Christopher Gabbitas
Stephen Connolly

The quiet heart



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  1. Spirit divine
    Brindley Boon
  2. God's moment
    John Larsson (Musik), Flora Larsson (Text)
  3. In the stillness
    George Marshall (Musik), R. Woods (Text)
  4. When we cannot see our way
    Stephen Bulla (Musik), Thomas Kelly (Text)
  5. His provision
    Ivor Bosanko (Musik), John Gowans (Text)
  6. The quiet heart
    June Collin (Musik), James Morgan (Text)
  7. In the secret of Thy presence
    Eric Ball (Musik), Albert Orsborn (Text)
  8. Is it nothing to you?
    Charles Skinner (Musik), Albert E. Mingay (Text)
  9. Even me
    Herbert Young (Musik), Elizabeth Codner (Text)
  10. The Christian mission
  11. All for Thee
    Paul S. Kellner (Musik), Frances Ridley Havergal (Text)
  12. Jesus answers prayer
    Alistair McHarg (Musik), Ivy Mawby (Text)
  13. Christ's part
    James Curnow (Musik), Robert Herrick (James Curnow)
  14. The greatest of these
    George Marshall (Musik), Arch R. Wiggins (Text)
  15. Intercede, O Lord
    Wilfred Heaton (Musik), Kenneth Tout (Text)
  16. To the hills
    Ernest Rance
  17. By his hand
    Thomas Mack (Musik), Joseph H. Gilmore (Text)
  18. Grant us Thy peace
    George Marshall (Musik), Ivy Mawby (Text)
  19. Home to Thee (from Reflections)
    Norman Bearcroft (Musik), Catherine Baird (Text)
Produzent: Trevor Caffull, Adrian Peacock
Tonmeister: Brian A Hillson
Studio: St. Andrew's church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, England
Aufnahmedatum: September 2006
Post Production: James Lawrence
Project Manager: Kevin J Coates MBE
Design & Artwork: Andrew Wainwright

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