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The King's Singers book of rounds, canons and partsongs



[Händlerlogo] ISBN: 0634046306
UPC: 73999432596
  1. Alleluia (Boyce W)
  2. Christmas is coming
  3. Dona nobis pacem
  4. Hava na shira
  5. I gave her cakes,& gave her ale
  6. Jubilate Deo
  7. Lo yisa goi (Let there be peace)
  8. Non nobis Domine
  9. A round of three country dances in one
  10. Shalom chaveyrim (Shalom friends)
  11. Sumer is icumen in (Summer is a-coming in)
  12. Tallis' canon
  13. When Jesus wept
  14. White coral bells
  15. Coffee canon
  16. Come follow
  17. Come let us all a-maying go
  18. If turn'd topsy turvy
  19. Mi gallo
  20. My dame hath a lame tame crane
  21. Oaken leaves
  22. The silver swan
  23. Viva la musica

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