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Bill Ives

Music for a May morning



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  1. Dawn chorus and college bells
  2. O lusty May
  3. Contrapunto bestiale alla mente
  4. Ah Robin
  5. Summer is icumen in
  6. Watkin's ale
  7. Since first I saw your face
  8. The fairy round
  9. Dindirin, dindirin
  10. Now is the month of Maying
  11. A Gigge
  12. The Welsh Allemaine
  13. Au joli jeu
  14. Tanzen und Springen
  15. Sellinger's Round
  16. Who shall win my lady fair?
  17. O mistress mine
  18. Begone, dull care!
  19. Amo amas, I love a lass
  20. The King's hunt
  21. Foresters sound the cheerful horn
  22. When evening's twilight
  23. Paduana lacrimae
  24. Three Hungarian folksongs
  25. Over hill, over dale
  26. She moved through the fair
  27. Bobby Shaftoe
  28. The lark
  29. How shall I then describe my love?
  30. Lute Galliard no.17
  31. Hymnus eucharisticus
  32. The college bells
Magdalen College Choir, Oxford
Direktor: Grayston Ives

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