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Paul Phoenix
Bill Ives

Jubilate! Golden favourites from St. Paul's Cathedral



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  1. A Grateful Heart
    George Herbert, Mary Plumstead
  2. Cockles and mussels
    Mark Blatchly
  3. Tell me, lovely shepherd
    William Boyce
  4. Orpheus with his lute
    Arthur Sullivan
  5. I'd like to teach the world to sing
    Barry Rose
  6. Lift thine eyes to the mountains
  7. Try to remember
    Grayston Ives
  8. Who can express?
    S.S. Wesley
  9. Brother James Air "The Lord's my shepherd"
    Gordon Jacob
  10. O for the wings of a dove
    Ian Cameron
  11. Nymps and shepherds
  12. Morning has broken
    Mark Blatchly
  13. But thou didst not leave his soul in hell
    Georg Friedrich Händel
  14. In every fertile valley
    Thomas Dibdin
  15. My way
    Barry Rose
  16. Agnus Dei
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  17. The little road to Bethlehem
    Michael Head
  18. Silent night
    Mark Blatchly
  19. For this, our heart is faint
    T.A. Walmisley
  20. Nunc dimittis
    Geoffrey Burgon
The choir of St Paul's Cathedral
Solisten: Paul Phoenix, Mark Higgins, Jeremy Carpenter

The English Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Dearnley, John Scott and Barry Rose

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